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Please note: Due to the handmade nature of our product and due to our Store Front In Afton, Wyoming being so busy, WE PICK THE FLAVORS FOR YOU.


FEELING LUCKY? IF YOU KNOW WHAT FLAVORS YOU WOULD LIKE, JUST TELL US IN THE COMMENT BOX AT CHECK OUT. Just remember, sometimes we run out of flavors, but we will do our best to fill your request!


What To Expect In Your Order: At this time, we do not offer a selection to the public ON LINE.


In our store, we create over 67 different styles of bar soaps. Our Formulas include Goat Milk & Olive Soaps, Shea Butter & Olive Soaps, Olive Oil Soaps, and Vegan Coconut Milk & Olive Soaps. We will do our best to include at least one of each formula in your order, depending upon availability. We are confident this will be the best handmade soap you have ever experienced.


2 Bars

  • This package is a nice way to try out two

    full sized bars of two of our popular recipe styles. 


    You will recive: 

    1 of our creamy Goat Milk Bars and 1 Original Olive Oil Recipe Bars. 


    Please Note: The bar represented here is a photo of our soap fresh out of the loave. It is not the size you will recive.

    We cut this bar in half to create a 5 1/2 ounce (wet weight) bar which is our full sized bar.


    IF YOU KNOW WHAT FLAVORS YOU WOULD LIKE, JUST TELL US IN THE COMENT BOX AT CHECK OUT.  Just rember, somtimes we run out of flavors, but we will do our best to fill your request!  

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